MakerBot Makes

Yesterday we took our MakerBot for a test drive. It wasn’t until we actually ran the MakerBot did we realize how appropriate it was to choose to print Yoda. Apparently the MakerBot makes all these crazy beeping noises as it works, and it sounded just like R2D2 while it builds. As you can see we had a few technical difficulties from the get go, starting with our raft not printing because the plastic wasn’t being fed into the nozzle by the motor. Once we worked out the motor issues everything seemed to go well until the barring fell out and the whole platform started to shake, we quickly fit it back in but it fell out several times during the build. Finally we were getting pretty excited to see Yoda almost fully built then the computer crashed.. we tried to reboot and resume the print but it was getting late and we decided to just start fresh today. Wish us luck.


3 thoughts on “MakerBot Makes

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