Here We Go


Well, here I am.. the first day of grad school, sitting at my desk in the MFA design studio. I’ve spent months picturing this day, this place, how it would be, if I’d ever really get here. We had our orientation this morning and we had a chance to meet with all the faculty and staff that will be helping us along during our journey over the next two years. Everyone was just so nice, there is a really pleasant atmosphere about the place. It’s amazing how easily you can tell the people who absolutely love their job from those who just do it for the money (or who have slowly grown bored with things). I can tell for certain that all my professors are passionate about what they do, and that reassures me that I chose the right program to apply to. I can’t wait to get started with some design projects.

We actually have our first class in an hour so I’m going to take a break and eat my lunch. More updates later.


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