I Close My Eyes and Breathe You In

From our assignment brief:

If one can’t see, they’re blind. If one can’t hear, they’re deaf. But what is someone who can’t smell? Very seldom does the scent, be this in a garment, piece of furniture or a building, play  a  recognized,  let  alone  defining,  role  during  the  conception  of  its  design.  In  this assignment  fragrance  (aroma,  scent,  smell,  stench,  reek…)  will  be,  along  with  the  assigned digital fabrication methods, the project’s protagonist.

For this assignment I proposed building an anatomically correct representation of the human heart out of glass. This heart would contain the fragrances worn by two lovers. However.. the assignment was to also learn how to use the 3D printer and the programs that go along with it (Rhino), so I modified my initial design to a more simplified looking heart. Each Chamber contains the perfume of just one person, the other contains the perfume of the person they love. As air flows from the lower opening into the model it would carry both fragrances at the same time out the top, and one would be able to smell a mixture of their combined scent (much like they themselves would smell as they were holding each other).


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