Part Two

We’ve been done with the third project for a while now.. I just haven’t really found much time to sit down and post these. The assignment was basically a part two for the “I close my eyes..” project, we were asked to take our 3D models and make them into 2.5D objects by layering or folding material. All my pieces are made out of white bristol paper, and they are all hearts. The first is a failed example of the waffling technique.. I realized after the fact that I had designed the slices for normal paper and then I ended up choosing to cut them out of bristol (which is thicker) and so the slots weren’t big enough and it turned into a huge annoying mess. The second image is an example of Pepakura paper folding. The hardest part of Pepakura is setting up the Rhino file, but once you’re done its so fun to actually assemble the piece. Finally I decided to layer a few cross sections of a 3D model of a human heart. I really had fun losing myself in the construction of this project.. and I think I’ve fallen madly in love with the laser cutter 😉


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