Richard III at QNCC

I promised myself as I was packing up my life to move to Qatar that I would start doing more things by myself. Not that I particularly prefer to do things alone, its just that I’ve skipped out on too many experiences that I really wanted to try, just because no one else in my life was interested in sharing the experience with me. Anyway, as a birthday gift to myself I bought a ticket to the first show to be preformed at the QNCC theater in Qatar, Richard III. It was a fantastic experience. Kevin Spacey was witty, funny, dramatic, and he had such great stage presence.

Going to the convention center also gave me a chance to finally examine the wonderful Maman sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, that I pass everyday on my way to school. I love how the lighting makes the piece just a little bit more dramatic than normal.

I can’t wait for QNCC to put on their next show.


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