Design Studio One: Open Design (Part One): PEPACAM

Throughout last semester we worked in groups in our design studio one class to create two open design projects. Open Design is a type of design that is based off of the principles of open source sharing of information, it basically means to create a digital file that people can then use as is, or edit, then print/cut at home or in a fabrication lab. Ronen Kadushin’s name was used a lot in our class 😉

For the first part of the project each group came up with their own idea for an open design product. My group at first was really interested in the theme of travel, after we talked about the concept of travel for a while we deconstructed it into the activities that go on during travel. We ended up discussing photography as a big activity for most travelers, then we decided to examine photography in itself. Noticing that analog photography is actually a big trend right now (Lomography) we decided to build a pinhole camera using the Pepakura folding technique we learned in our fabrication class. The file we created is the most basic shape that we could think of, the idea is to allow users to expand off our simple design and do what ever they want with it. We named it Pepacam.

Though its really simple, this was my favorite project of the semester.


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