Design Studio Two: Future Prototype – Part One

[NOTE: I do not own the illustration of the woman in the second image, it was used for educational purposes only, and wasn’t anywhere else but this blog, which is just a journal.. If someone has a problem with it I’ll remove it..]

Our assignment was to write the story of the future, and then to represent it visually somehow. Above is my visualization of a newspaper ad for a public shelter, I based it on the image above it from the 1950 cold war fall our shelters. Below is my story. I’d like to point out that unlike most science fiction about the future I don’t believe that people will somehow evolve into either transcendent beings, or creepy creatures living in the underworld. To me people of the future will still strive to create a better world to live in, but certain things like conflict are a big part of being human, and those things will still exist.

Margot’s favorite place in the world is her bedroom. Her father, an architect with BioMimica, designed and built it just for her. The walls are made of transparent nano prisms, that make it so she cen see as far into the city as her eyes will allow. But that is not her favorite part of the special walls her father designed; Margot’s room can also sense her mood by measuring the pressure her feet place on the floor as she walks. Using this information the room shifts the tiny prisms to refract sunlight and change the colors of the room to match her mood. When Margot is angry she often stomps around her room causing rapid shifts in the nano structures, sending rays of contrasting colors shooting throughout the house. However, she finds it somewhat hard to stay mad for very long, and her rooms color often balances out rather quickly.

Though Margot is home alone today, her room shines in a magnificent glow of violet, she is happy. But suddenly, as her thoughts drift to the conversation she had  with her father that morning the room shifts into an almost psychedelic kaleidoscope of of colors. The idea of going down into the public shelter both scared and excited her. Her father had shown her the article about the shelter on his flexitab, then he spent a great deal of time explaining how it to navigate her way to the nearest shelter to their home “public shelter 011” if anything should happen. He carefully commanded the evacuation procedures into the tab, first he told it to collapse the prism structures in her walls, turning the walls opaque. Then he instructed her tab to illuminate its surface making it easy for her to find, he continued to speak, but the little girl couldnt help picturing all the fun games she could play with the other children in the shelter, and she stopped listening to fer father all together.

The room was still spitting out fantastic shades of jade, maroon, and pink, when suddenly the room went dark, and her tab lit up. Gripped by the panic the situation had stirred in the little girl, Margot stood frozen. She searched her memories for  what her father had said to do next, but her thoughts were shapeless and confusing. Somehow through the panic, she noticed the tab flashing on and off, it was her fathers face on the screen. She swiped across its front, and his voice filled her heart as the prerecorded message echoed the evacuation steps that he tried to teach her that morning.

If the room had been able to light up, it would have shined a radiant yellow, she had hope.


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