Design Road – Curating Contemporary Design

Last weekend a number of our MFA students got a chance to attend a three day workshop called Design Road. The workshop I signed up for was called Curating Contemporary Design, and it was taught by Gillian Russel. As part of the workshop we had a choice to visit one ongoing exhibit in Doha, we chose to go to Mathaf and see the Cai Guo Qaing exhibit. Even though I had seen the exhibit before, I hadn’t seen the new sculpture by the Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammed so I was quite ok with going back (first image). I also got a chance to really look at a few things I hadn’t really paid attention to before and I had fun.

At the end of each day there were seminars given by the instructors of the workshops so we all got a feel for what everyone else was learning, I really wished I could have signed up for two workshops after listening to the other instructors talk.

Also we all got three stickers to cover that expressed how we felt about the experience, I used Canvas magazine to make mine.

I learned a great deal about curating in general for my instructor, which is something I had always wanted to learn.. but it was so interesting to hear that curators were now having to figure out how to curate for contemporary design in a way that would really get the message of the new design movement across.


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