Day 60 – The VideoChat


Before my trip to Amsterdam I was pretty sure about what I wanted to do for my thesis; I had decided to make a survey of all the different type of contemporary design. As a result of my survey I wanted to curate two mirror exhibitions of my survey, through which I hoped to show the affect of globalization (the internet) on design.

The concept was pretty straight forward, so was the solution, and there is actually tons and tons of literature being written about this subject. What really interested me was the new social movement, what some people like to call Transmodernism. Oddly enough it was sort of the topic of our work in Amsterdam.

Through one of the many exercises we did to narrow down on our thesis topic it became rather clear that I was actually interested in other things. I have always had a personal interest in the workings of the mind, and the field of psychology. Through a bit of poking around I realized how important an understanding of the mind and human behavior is to the field of design, and so I made the choice to set aside all the research I had done into contemporary design (though I have a feeling it will come back to help in writing my final thesis document) and embrace my passion for people.

To make a slightly long story shorter let me just say this; I will be broadly looking at bridging the gap between the fields of psychology and design thinking, and narrowly trying to examine what role design can play (if any) in fostering a sense of belonging within people and between people.

My thesis title (until further notice) is Shaping This Space Between Us. Over the next 60 days I’d like to experiment with all the different ways of doing just that.

My first post is a sketch I did tonight while video chatting with my 11 year old sister. She was frustrated with the comments her art teacher had left her in her report card; she wasn’t happy at all with getting an A, not an A+. Having lived outside my country for almost 10 years of my life, my family has become quite accustomed to the “video chat”. It has definitely shaped the space between my family, and I am sure it has done the same for many other families that find themselves living in similar situations.


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