Since Then


Our MFA trip to Amsterdam was a defining point in my design journey (and probably my entire life). Actually the whole spring semester provided me with many eye opening, opinion changing, life altering moments. It was an incredible semester. After the trip I made a choice to stop posting anything for a while because the workload was too much to keep up with and also be running a blog on the side. I did however keep my camera handy and documented the entire journey privately. Its been about a month and a half since the semester let out, I gave myself a month of full rest and mind numbing junk to indulge in (crappy TV shows, and even crappier novels). Now I’m ready to fill in the gaps from last semester and start something new. My biggest critiques last semester was that I didnt “create” enough “stuff”.. Too many of my projects were mind based and conceptual, and I needed to start making. There are 60 days left until the fall semester starts, and I plan to make “something” each day until it does (inshallah). If nothing else I’ll have a handful of sketches and idea that my professors will help me refine and improve for my thesis.

Hopefully many more updates coming soon..


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