Community Classes VCUQ

I think one of the smartest choices I made last semester was to join the basic drawing and water color community classes at VCUQ. The classes started a few weeks into the semester so I had a chance to get adjusted to the new schedule and they only lasted for 8 weeks. I took basic drawing with Ben Barbour, a soft spoken artistic fella. I honestly feel sorry for the man, I just had the worst case of low self esteem in his class, but he always had something positive and encouraging to say.. I really enjoyed his class. In fact I was signed up to take his summer class until I decided to fly away to Kuwait for the summer, now I’ll be in his class over the fall semester.. One of the big things I am looking forward to about the fall actually. Above are the last two drawing I did in his class [Ben brought in fish for our last day of drawing, it smelly, weird, and fun].

Above is the last painting I did in Charles Bleick’s (Chuck) water color class. I also really enjoyed Chucks class, except it was at 5pm on a Thursday, which made going to it feel more like a chore than a pleasure some days.. But that isn’t a comment on the quality of the class, just the fact that the class was on the last hour of the last day of the week.. which is generally when people are just wiped out.. which I always was. I’m really debating about whether I should sign up for painting in the fall as well.. I feel like there just wont be enough hours in the week to get it all in.. We’ll see..



2 thoughts on “Community Classes VCUQ

    • I have seen even the least “talented” students draw wonderful things.. its really all about how much time you’re willing to sit there and work at it.. [which is shocking to admit sometimes..].

      Really? You like the cat best? I wasn’t sure how well he came out, thanks!

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