Day 48 – Strangers

Messages like these scare and fascinate me.. I mean we live in the first real age in which a total and complete stranger can reach out to you from no where.. its interesting.. and bizarre.. I almost want to create a fake account just study these people.. What does it mean to them to connect with strangers? Do they really form genuine feelings for these people? What drives them to do this? Boredom? Sex? An inability to reach out to people in the flesh? So interesting, so bizarre..


One thought on “Day 48 – Strangers

  1. I think it depends on the person – there could also be introverts who are really shy; someone with a physical limitation that makes it difficult to meet people; or, in the case of facebook games, just a common interest that maybe none of their real-life friends share! Well, too, there are the perverts!

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