Call for Submissions

To anyone who has ever taken ownership of an artifact of great personal and/or sentimental meaning. to all of you who have taken objects with you on the journey that is your life. To anyone interested in knowing others and being known. This is a call for participation.
Guidelines for Participation:

1. An artifact is an object that is man made, or has in some way been affected by interactions with man. For this call, we would like to exclude all gifts,

 trophies, and photographs. The artifact should be low in economic value, while high in personal/sentimental meaning.
2. To participate, send a high resolution image of an artifact you have collected to the email address: ma7sain [@] Each participant is able to submit as many images as they would like.
3. In addition to the image, please fill in the following sentences describing your artifact: “This is not __[NOUN]__, this is __[ADJECTIVE/VERB/abstract NOUN]__. Collected on __[approximate DATE]__, in __[LOCATION]__. It is now kept __[LOCATION]__.” Send the completed sentence with your image to the email above.
4. Deadline for submissions is midnight on Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2012

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