I will not move until you find me

The little girl sits at the counter; her eyes so wet they have soaked the locks that protectively hug her face. I am sitting next to her.”What is your name?” I ask; but fear has taken over, and she is does not reply. Moments pass like hours; her tears a steady flow. I see she’s begun to shiver, I offer an embrace but she rejects my hold. We start to watch the people pass, for a moment I am distracted. I look down at my watch, the numbers are a blur, the hands are spinning wildly out of control; I am confused. “Don’t worry, you’re just dreaming” startled by her voice I raise my eyes to meet the little girls gaze.There is something about this face, something very familiar.. “Those eyes..” I begin to say “my eyes..” but I am cut off by the words of my father as he pushes past me to embrace this girl so tightly “Where have you been??” he demands, you can tell that he had been crying too. “I was here.” She replies “I told them I would not move until you found me.”

I am awake now. I hear her voice so clearly; I hear my voice so clearly “I will not move until you find me.”


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