Good morning

The dream had been so pleasant that Mariam woke with a smile on her face and a heart filled with love. She could hear Ahmed turning the water on and off as he prepared himself for another days work. She slowly urged herself to leave the comfort of her bed. She then made her way to the toilet, where she carefully peaked around the corner of the open door to find her husband admiring his newly grown beard. She loved the way he was almost child like sometimes; admiring his own beauty as if it were the first time he had seen himself in a mirror. She moved into the room without a word and lovingly used her fingers to trace from his ear lobe to his shoulder blade, looking up once to catch the smile she expected to see. If only she had been more observant of his mood, if only she had seen the signs; she could have returned to the arms of the man in her dreams and avoided this man all together. The very second Mariams eyes met Ahmeds in the mirror she knew; she knew exactly what was coming, but it was too late to do anything about it. In a way that was more animal than human Ahmed reached around and in one hand he gripped her fingers, crushing the hand that was just lovingly touching his skin, and with the other hand he landed a punch so hard on her face that she could feel his knuckles grating across her teeth. This was not a good morning.


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