Passed out


Was going through my files to find something and stumbled on this sketch of my twin brother passed out on my bed. I think I did it about a year ago..





I’m happy with the way this turned out in pencil. Thank god I thought of photocopying it to color it in.. because I don’t like the way that turned out. Honestly I did it really messy because it was a photocopy, but I also don’t feel confident using my Prismacolor pens yet.. I get that people feel its gory and weird.. I don’t really care.

Day 15 – Mootay Herrah

I know this is rough, but its the first time I’ve ever used my new Genius tablet.. its really nice actually.. and its only a sketch of an idea, not the actualization of it.

The idea I got today was physical gestures as means of communication and connection. If you make a small circle movement using the upper hand on the lower hand this Arab hand gesture means “die of envy!”.. as you can imagine small little Arab girls use this often, and it is one of the first gestures I ever learned as a kid..


Day 16 – Pink (Straw)berry

So I added the watercolors to this sketch of Strawberry, not entirely sure how it turned out…


Day 17 – Pencil

I just finished a sketch of Strawberry. I think I’ll fill him in with watercolors tomorrow.


Day 30 – Persona 01

The awkward moment when your realize that the persona you’ve been thinking about for at least a week is basically Spock the Vulcan..


Day 33 – Notes 03


Day 34 – Snickerdoodle

I don’t think enough people give good moms a pat on the back.. Sami is lucky to have you, Lana ❤


Day 35 – Find 02

Diagram of students in a classroom (ink on wrapper), found in my bedroom.


Day 36 – Pangea

The continents are closer now than they’ve been in millions of years, why doesn’t modern design reflect that?


Day 37 – Notes 02


Day 41 – Teacher

Its amazing what you can learn when you let a child teach you.

Today I learned the proper way to brush a plastic pony’s mane without damaging its hair. I guess its true; you should ask those who know.


Day 42 – Perhaps

While I was complaining one day to one of my closest friends about the black and white nature of my emotions, he suggested that perhaps I should consider myself on more of a gradient, perhaps that would be easier to bear..


Day 44 – Notes 01

Some days it feels like I am getting somewhere, others like I’m getting nowhere. I’m really hoping just the fact that I’ve spent two month considering my topic every single day will help me in the end.