Passed out


Was going through my files to find something and stumbled on this sketch of my twin brother passed out on my bed. I think I did it about a year ago..


Day 59 – The House Sparrow

As a child I remember being quite a bit antisocial. I usually only kept one good friend, and that was more than enough for me. The problem with having only one good friend is that if that friend hasn’t come to school yet, or if that friend skips a day you’ve got no one to talk to. Really, it wasn’t not having my friend around that would bug me, it was mostly the looks of “oh, poor thing, she has no friends” that I’d get from other kids that would drive me crazy. Since my first best friend suffered from chronic lateness I spent years starting my mornings by walking around the school yard watching the sparrows as the hopped about the few trees that could thrive in Kuwait. There is something so calming about looking into a birds eyes, and trying to read it. Each bird had its own unique personality, and you’d have to watch it for a little while if you wanted to get really close. Generally I’d watch to see how jumpy it was when things flew by, or someone made a loud noise. I’d watch to see if it would stare me down or avoid eye contact. You’d think it was the ones that weren’t looking at you that would let you get the closest, its not.. The gutsy ones that were just as interested in you as you were in them were usually the best to watch.. it always felt like there was a real hidden dialogue going on there. I’d take one step at a time, making sure to stop the first time it took at step back, because that told me exactly what distance was just close enough for that bird. If you stay right there long enough, you’d be surprised how many birds will take that one step back towards you, and maybe even one step more.

I miss my mornings with the sparrows.

New semester/Letter

I can’t believe its been more than a month since I last posted anything, I have so many photos from the end of last semester than I need to add. I wonder when I’ll get to them?

Last Sunday was the first day of the new semester, and its taken me this long to find a minute to update this page.. I’m actually really excited about this semester, it seems like we will be learning a great deal of new techniques, and new ideas. I can’t wait.

On Sunday I checked my mailbox to find that Ghadahs letter had finally arrived. I hope she doesn’t mind me using the image straight off her blog (Its her photo, not mine!).. Here is a link to her original post.

More coming soon…

JAMM- Art and Beyond

From their website:

“JAMM specializes in tailor-made cultural projects, large and small without geographical boundary. More than simply an art consultancy, JAMM is a vessel to promote cultural diplomacy. Our goal being to advance Arab & Iranian artists in the West, and Western artists in the East, and thus encourage further collaboration between the two.”

DAI Cultural Season 16

Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah posted the images from their DAI Cultural Season 16. They apparently visited Dar Jehan in Jabriya and had a calligraphy workshop. I regret not signing up, I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy. If you have never been to the Dar you’ve truly missed out on one of Kuwait’s finest cultural activities. For more info on their weekly events visit their website here.

“Neither Here Nor There”

The lovely people over at Confashions From Kuwait have posted images from their trip to see the Neither Here Nor There art exhibit that is going on at Dar AlFunoon until May 19th. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stop by before the show ends, but now I plan to definitely stop by. Amazing photos, Confashions.

The Arab Fund Building of Kuwait

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The images in this post were taken at The Arab Fund building in Shuwaikh. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a gem tucked away just outside of Kuwait City. Being able to tour this building was a breathtaking experience. I highly recommend locals and tourists alike visit this building for a morning of visual stimulation and quiet reflection.