Design Crossing


Clearly I haven’t kept up with my 60 days sketch project; I got really sucked into reading on my topic.. Oh well..

Our semester started yesterday, and I can tell that with all the work ahead its going to fly by (thankfully). We started our first design project today (during orientation!), which is a group proposal for the Tasmeem design conference. Working in groups is extremely difficult, but it seemed so much easier with the guidance of our new associate director. We brainstormed for a while, put all our ideas on a board and then as a group we clustered those ideas into meaningful proposals. I was the only one to break out and put my own cluster together, and it was accepted. So tomorrow we are taking our four new directions and “exploding them” as Paolo likes to say. I’m supper excited because that means I have a one in four chance of having my idea being chosen by the group as our proposal.. But even if it doesnt get chosen I’ll be just as happy to exhibit work in the conference within the scope of the other proposals since they are all looking really interesting at the moment.


Day 52 – Mind Map 2

In Amsterdam our group of designers were trying to define and explore the concept of an Extra National Person. This is the mind map I created to define that person. Secretly I was trying to define myself.. its the most positive thing I have ever said about myself in my life..

I actually used this mind map in a performance I did with a fellow design from Amsterdam on the final day of our workshop. Knowing myself I would have guessed that I could live my entire life with out performing anything in front of an audience.. the reviews were amazing.. and I’m really happy I did it.