Day 27 – Mush

I’ve been reading a really tough book for a about a week now. My mind is mush.



Day 31 – Quote 03

As our numbers swell you’d think we we’d feel a greater sense of belonging, everywhere, to everyone. But there are so many of us, more than we can ever know in a life time, we end up feeling like we belong no where, to no one. We can move among multitudes, and feel isolated and alone. We live unique, private lives of hope and self interest.

Diane Ackerman

Day 47 – Mother

Obviously not all the work I am doing for my thesis is sketches and experiments, a great deal or it is reading and note taking. I’m really liking my new notebook. Above are the notes I took from a book that focused on the very first and most important relationship in most peoples lives; their relationship with their mothers. Everything I’ve read on the topic is fascinating. This isn’t the first time I’ve been interested in exploring this relationship either, clip here to see my photographic project on the same topic.