Passed out


Was going through my files to find something and stumbled on this sketch of my twin brother passed out on my bed. I think I did it about a year ago..


Day 27 – Mush

I’ve been reading a really tough book for a about a week now. My mind is mush.



Day 30 – Persona 01

The awkward moment when your realize that the persona you’ve been thinking about for at least a week is basically Spock the Vulcan..


Day 34 – Snickerdoodle

I don’t think enough people give good moms a pat on the back.. Sami is lucky to have you, Lana ❤


Day 36 – Pangea

The continents are closer now than they’ve been in millions of years, why doesn’t modern design reflect that?


Day 37 – Notes 02


Day 42 – Perhaps

While I was complaining one day to one of my closest friends about the black and white nature of my emotions, he suggested that perhaps I should consider myself on more of a gradient, perhaps that would be easier to bear..


Day 45 – Insides

So much of my personal interests are directly connected to the mind; the space that lays behind two eyes, between two ears, and above one mouth.

[I was sort of lucky having to take an x-ray of my face because I get sick. The pattern is from my window cover.]


Day 46 – Quote 01

Some days my posts will be finds, or quotes, or just notes..


Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.




Day 49 – Mind Map 3

To Belong. (Oops, Strawberry took a few bites out of it before I got a picture taken..).


Day 50 – Aisha

This year at VCUQ I was able to do something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, which was working with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. At the beginning of the year I joined Best Buddies of Qatar where I was paired with the sweetest soul I could ever ask for as a friend. I can’t fully express right now how or why meeting and working with Aisha represent a step in the direction of my thesis, but I know it belongs in my 60 day challenge. I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.


Day 51 – Truth or Truth

There we sat, the five of us, on the last day of our field study, in a Muslim run Italian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. Not wanting the night to end one of us suggested a game of truth or dare. However after reviewing the types of dares that might be suggested we decided to stick with playing our slightly modified version of the traditional game. It was that game that finally allowed us to put down the masks we so desperately clung to every day of our lives. For a short while in Amsterdam we allowed ourselves to be seen as exactly who we are.

That night changed everything for me.


Day 55 – Play

One of the most important relationships of my adult life is with my friend Talita. Though we spend most of our time talking about very serious things we always call our meeting “play”. I adore her.

[Ink and water color on paper]